Package com.groovyj.jgprog

Interface Summary

Class Summary
Chromosome Represents a single chromosome.
ComputeWorker A thread which accepts a connection on its socket, downloads a World, computes the fitnesses of some portion of it, and returns those fitnesses.
FitnessProportionateSelection Selects individuals proportionally according to their adjusted fitness.
Function The base class of all terminals and functions.
GreedyOverselection Selects individuals according to the Greedy Over-Selection method.
Individual Represents a single individual.
MultiplexerADFWorld The same as MultiplexerWorld, except uses two ADF's with three arguments each.
MultiplexerWorld The 11-multiplexer problem from Koza[1992], to find a formula to choose one of eight boolean inputs based on the values of three other boolean inputs.
Population Represents a population of individuals.
SelectionMethod Abstract class representing a method of selecting individuals for evolutionary operations.
SymbolicRegressionWorld The symbolic regression problem of Koza[1992], to find the formula x^4+x^3+x^2+x given 20 random points for x in the range [-1,1].
Type The type of a node.
World World is the main engine class of the Groovy Java Genetic Programming system.